Lemon ginger fresh recipe

OMG! I just discovered this lemonade and limeade and it’s incredible!

Summer is long gone and the heat waves are fading as well as lemonades and cold beverages...but are they?

Not so much! Healthy beverage options are here to stay, weather the weather may be hot or cold, their health benefits are much greater that their sensory characteristics. Or so I believe and many “healthies” (just invented this community) believe as well.

With all this being said. Let’s talk about lemon ginger lemonade.

Let me show you a picture of my fridge with a bunch of recipes with ginger and lemon.

What I started to see is that I really got what it is like to have fresh option of a beverage other that any high calorie juice or drink and or just plain water.

The ginger lemon base waters and lemonades have so much in them that they are now my go to option for something really good and fresh.

i can’t say what everybody says...HEALTHY, SUOER BENEFITS ETC ETC, because I feel like those claima do not belong to me... but what I can really say is that they contain all the properties from fresh lemon juice and fresh coldpressed ginger. can conclude what benefits they would bring to you.

the best of all is that I just found the best alternative for a year round fresh drink that really comes with the realest of ingredients squeezed by Press Foods MX ( . Honestly this is a discovery for me and will be for others!

I will share the recipe to whomever wants their own real ingredient juices and lemonades!

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