Got Juice? Private Label is the way.

Perhaps you are thinking of starting a juice business.

In the last 10 years, we, humans have been evolving naturally into the fresh and farm-to-table food options available to us. We have found food is not only in charge of giving us energy, but also a way of lasting longer in this world. Also, we have come to conclusions that were not available years ago about the effect food has in our organism. Medicine has been able to show us that we truly are what we eat.

For a while now, we have been transforming our minds and bodies to getting healthier, thus eating fresher and whole foods. We have evolved. We have made food companies adapt and products become fresher and healthier.

One of the big booms has been "unpasteurized, no sugar added" juices. Juice bars have appeared like McDonalds in the 90s and nutritional influencers have been adapting the trend, as good as companies have developed new and better juice options in terms of quality, freshness and nutrients. Some companies even have taken advantage and developed fake fresh juices trying to join the movement.

The biggest challenge for any juicing entrepreneur/company has been to sustain price, quality and volumes, also reaching break even by reaching retailers and customers worldwide, due to the challenge fresh and raw ingredients face when it comes to shelf life. At Press Foods HPP Private Label, we have helped these companies and entrepreneurs, obtain everything they need to start their juice business with their own recipes and get moving their products into the market. We do Private Label HPP juices.

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